Monday, February 4, 2013

Get Your Lent Shopping Done Before Valentine's Day!

You will not often find shopping tips on this blog, but....

Today in Michael's Craft Store I realized that many of the heart shapes that you might want to use during Lent if you follow the sacrificial love theme are readily available now as Valentine's Day approaches but will disappear on February 15. So, if you buy now you could save a lot of heart cutting later :) . 
For example, I found $2 bags of 78 one inch red felt hearts that are a little small but would last longer than paper hearts in shoes. Their one downside is that I'd bet if they went through the wash inside a sock, that sock and maybe everything else in the load would come out "pinkish". 

I also found a garland of interlaced heart shapes that will be useful on the fifth Sunday of Lent when it is all about forgiveness and reconciliation.  

 So, it may be time to some early Lenten shopping!

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