Monday, February 18, 2013

The Whole Heart Series for Lent 2016

When I finally posted all the Sundays of Lent in 2013, I thought it might be useful to have all the hearts of the heart series in one place.  So here it is - adapted a bit for 2016.  Go to the post for each week to learn more fully how to present that heart in light of that day's themes.

Ash Wednesday, Lent 1, or Good Friday:  A red valentine may be fun, but loving every day is harder.  Jesus showed us most fully how it is done by forgiving all the people who killed and betrayed him while he was dying on the cross.

Lent 1:  We are tempted to give ourselves to many things - maybe especially sports today.  We remember this day that although we love many things we love God most.

Lent 2: Give children small paper or felt hearts to wear in their shoes this week as a reminder to stand firm for Jesus as Paul instructed.

Lent 3: Hmmm, the texts for this Sunday are not easy.  In 2013, it was on the first of the month when many congregation celebrate the Eucharist so most of the suggestions go with that.  They will still work for those who do celebrate the sacrament in 2016, but I will have to go looking for something more.  Mary Woodfin in the Comments suggested decorating a heart with lots of trim to explore what it means to be our best for Jesus.  That gives you a starter and I'm hoping I'll have some things to add.

Lent 4: There are choices for Lent 4.  One is a heart bearing the key words for the day.  A second is a string of linked hearts with which to explore reconciliation.  Both fit both the epistle and the parable of the Lost Son. A third possibility is to connect the heart to the celebration of Communion.  More on that when I do the post for this Sunday in 2016.

Lent 5: These texts are about gift giving, Mary's gift of costly oil to Jesus, Paul's gift of being a preacher in response to God's love for him, and Jesus' gift of forgiveness on the cross.

Palm - Passion Sunday or Good Friday:  Jesus kept loving even when his heart was broken by all the people who hated him and his friends who betrayed him when he needed them most.

Maundy Thursday: Jesus washed his disciples' feet and calls us to love each other as much as he loved them.

Good Friday:  Jesus kept loving even when he was nailed to a cross.

Easter:  Like the disciples we are both puzzled and incredibly happy to find that Jesus did not stay dead, but is alive forever.


  1. Thanks so much for all of your ideas. We are including them in worship each week on a banner. For Lent 1 we did a big red heart on a dove representing God Is Love. We are using a heart and an anchor for Lent 2 - standing firm for Jesus. We are also using the idea of being our best for Jesus on Lent 3 so we are making a heart with fancy trimmings.

    1. What fun to see someone else take an idea and adapt it with such great results!

  2. A heart with feathers on would link with the image of hen and chicks. Isn't it great how we can spark off one another.....

  3. ...and of course now that I've decided to use all the hearts with the young people through to Easter we need a line with some pegs - purple pegs for Lent, plain for Maunday Thursday, black for Good Friday and gold for Easter Day.....

  4. I've been using the hearts each week and was wondering what to hang on the line for Maundy Thursday when it's Communion and unlikely that there will be children there.....a heart cut out of white towelling of course.....


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