Tuesday, March 26, 2013

An Easter DVD

Firebird Suite is Scene 16
on this version.
Here is a last minute resource to use during Easter season.  It is an animated short based on Stravinsky's "Firebird Suite" that has been added to Disney’s “Fantasia 2000.”  The story begins in winter with a stag walking through the snow and breathing out a creature who brings spring to the world until she comes to a volcanic mountain.  She awakens the volcanic mountain which chases her and destroys the whole world.  When the stag finds her he coaxes her up on his back.  Her tears as she surveys the destroyed world water the earth and cause plants to sprout.  Seeing the sprouts she regains hope and joyfully spreads new life across the landscape all the way up the sides of the mountain.

View the DVD with worshipers of all ages after reading a biblical resurrection story.  Ask questions to help the children grasp the connections:

     What is the same about this story and Jesus’ resurrection story?

     What does this story tell us about evil in the world? 

         What does Jesus’ crucifixion tell us about evil in the world?

     In this video, which is more powerful good or evil? 

          In Jesus’ resurrection which is more powerful God or evil?

     How is the stag like Jesus?

 It will be a stretch for younger children, but worth the effort on Easter or maybe on the Second Sunday of Easter when we read about Thomas and think about mysteries that are more than we can fully understand.  You can probably find this DVD at your local library.  It lasts just under 5 minutes.

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  1. I never would have thought about that scene! Good call!

    I love all your suggestions!


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