Wednesday, September 11, 2013

An Old Friend Gets New Name and Web Address

You may have checked out Children’s Literature: A resource for Ministry on my bloglist on the Worshiping With Children blog.  It is a wonderful resource that has grown over the years and now has moved.  It is now Storypath: Connecting Children’s Literature with Our Faith Story.  Find it at Storypath.  Change the address in your files if you need to.

Over the last three years Storypath has become a rather large collection of reviews of children’s books with faith connections.  There is a book review from a faith perspective for each of the non-psalm texts of each Sunday of the Revised Common Lectionary (and a list of books related to the psalms in general).  Books are chosen for use in both teaching and worship and some of them clearly work better in teaching situations.  Many however have a worship connection.  You see me pointing to them frequently with suggestions about how to use them in congregational worship.  Sometimes a book on this list will remind me of another book that also connects.  (Mental jogs can be critical!)  Those of you who have used the site before will appreciate the slicker search program of the new site.  

One heads up: Some of the books on the site are not readily available.  I find lots of them in my large public library system.  But, if you have to order a book, often you will have to order from slower to mail companies (say the back-up marketers on  So look ahead.  There is nothing more frustrating than seeing what looks like the perfect worship resource and not being able to get it in time.

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