Thursday, December 19, 2013

Why Children Need to Get to Church on Christmas Eve/Day

In most families Christmas Eve and Day are busy, chaotic times.  It is not easy to get a family that includes overly-excited children to church.  But, it is worth the effort.  Children (and their parents) actually need it.  The church helps when it articulates for parents clear reasons to make the effort.  Here is my starter list of reasons. 
To hear the story read or told in an important way on the “night it happened”Children like hearing the story of their birth on their birthday and celebrating other big events on “the very day it happened.”  So, the story which may have been acted out in a pageant and discussed in church school and read at home, feels more “real” when read on Christmas Eve or Day in the sanctuary.
To go to church at night – These days children are at church most often during the day.  To go at night to a decorated, even candle-lit church is almost magical.  When the family makes this an important part of Christmas – even in the middle of the chaos – just being there reminds children what is most important about Christmas.
To be with a crowd telling the  story – Joining church friends in a packed sanctuary reminds children that this story is something bigger than just their family traditions.  They are part of a huge family of families who celebrate Jesus’ birth.
To sing the carols at least one more time – Not many families sing together at home and not many children’s groups sing religious carols any more.  That means we need to be intentional about singing with the carols with the children.  And, who would want to miss singing “Silent Night” in the Christmas Eve sanctuary while hugging your child!
To create a context in which to discover the truth about Santa – If Santa is all there is to Christmas Eve once children learn “the truth,” Christmas is just a greedy gift grab.  But, if Christmas Eve has always circled around the story of Jesus told in the sanctuary, the truth about Santa can be fit into that context and the  Christmas celebration gets richer.
To create memories - Worshiping on Christmas Eve or Day as a family creates over the years a treasure trove of memories.  Some of them shine with wonder.  Others make for eye-rolling stories that are retold every Christmas.  These memories are precious for both the children as they mature and the parents as they age.
What would you add?
NOTE: Yes, I posted this about this time last year, but it seemed worth rerunning.  My plan now is to edit in some of the good comments on the Facebook page to make it "new and improved" for next year.  Add your suggestions here for the good of the whole community.


  1. Totally agree with these - I would also add to create calm and stillness and a sense of waiting in an otherwise manic time! I take my 2 to our family service on Christmas eve and the difference is always amazing - after the service they are much more centred and calmer (but of course still very excited) but in a really thoughtful and joyful place :-) Best wishes Clair

    1. True, the trick is to remember and trust that the hyper children before the service will indeed center in and become "thoughtful and joyful" as they sing, listen and pray their ways through the service. Thanks for the reminder that it does happen.

  2. To experience worship at its very best, to experience Church at its very best, to experience something from our collective past, yet something that layers meaning even now, and into the future. And to learn what precious story forms our very being.


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