Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Can Children Read the Screens?

As you who follow my blog regularly know, I am thinking a lot right now about how children sing in the sanctuary.  In a day when both what we sing and how we sing during worship is changing, I wonder how we are bringing children along or leaving them out.  Today I have a question – actually a cluster of questions – about how children grow into reading projected song words.  The congregation I worship with does not project words, but I know more and more congregations do.  So, I am turning to you for insight.

?  At what age can and do children read song words projected on a screen across the room?  (Does the size of the room make a difference?)

?  At what reading level can then do this? 

?  At what age can they find the words on the distant screen – without an adult’s finger to follow the words on a hymn book page? 

?  Are there tricks to helping children learn to do this or do they just “get it” on their own? 

?  Do illustrations behind the words make it harder for children to find and follow the words?

Whether you are an elementary school teacher, a musician or a parent I’d love to hear your answers to any of these questions.  I’d also appreciate hearing questions I should be asking, but have not. 

Look forward to hearing from you in Comments!  BTW, I’ll also post this on Facebook at Worshiping with Children 9/22/15 for people to follow there, so you may want to follow comments there too. 

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