Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Yes, it has been a few weeks since the last post after the Spooky Halloween concert!  But, I am still here.  November has just been a wild month for me.  It began by hosting a family reunion that was also a 90th birthday party for my father.  That was fun, but didn't leave much time for blogging.  Then, my husband had cancer surgery.  That was definitely not fun, but is behind us.  All went well and he is now simply recovering from the surgery.  But those weeks left absolutely no time or energy for the blog.  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and six of my family will be here for dinner - which I will order rather than cook (what a treat!).  Then, it is my fond hope that some time this weekend life will return to normal.  We are ready!  So, look for me to reappear on line some time next week. In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving to you in the US and almost Happy Advent to all of you. 

Joy and Peace,

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