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These posts are me popping off on the Worshiping With Children Facebook page about all sorts of topics related to inter-generational worship.  You will find seasonal posts about how to include children in Holy Week services and what to do on Back to School Sunday, short op-ed pieces about such things as why I am not a fan of children’s sermons, “how to” articles about worship kits for children, and reviews of worship resources for children.

There is even a collection of articles connected to current events that had worship connections for children. Fans of the Facebook page asked that these articles be posted on the blog site so that they can be reproduced for publication in church newsletters and similar venues.  As the number of the articles grew, an index seemed in order.

BTW, you are welcome to reprint any of these articles so long as you attribute them to me and this blog and do not use them to make money for yourself.

Advent - Christmas - Epiphany
5 Ways to Raise a Grateful Child -mainly about receiving gifts, even unwanted gifts

Lent - Easter

Other Seasonal Posts

Popping Posts About Almost Anything Related to Including Children in Worship -

Catching the Vision
Resources for Worship Leaders Who Want to Include Children