Friday, December 30, 2011

Look! I'm on Facebook - I think

In response to several suggestions, I am going into the new year with a Facebook page.  I hope...   I hope a lot of things.  At the moment after spending most of the last two days getting "on," I hope it works.  If any of you more Facebook proficient folks see things that need fixing, I'd love to hear from you.  We dinosaurs need all the help we can get!

And, whether on Facebook or off,

Happy New Year!


  1. How do we find you on Facebook? Under your name? Under "Worshiping with Children?" I'd love to "like" your page! :0)

  2. Allison, thank you for asking! If you click on the title in the Facebook badge near the top of the blog page, it should take you right there. Other than that I think you need to use "" - awkward to say the least. If you or anyone else reading this has other questions or suggestions, I am all ears. I have not begun to be sure I have this Facebook thing mastered - major understatement!!!!

  3. Found you. YEA!!!!! :) Lovin' it! And if you need assistance with Facebook, don't hesitate to ask. I live there. My name is Julie, and I am a youth pastor. It is a tool of the trade. ;o)

  4. A couple of you Facebook pros have come to my rescue as I get started. THANK YOU! Julie, you may live on Facebook, but I am a lost immigrant. Thanks to some suggestions, watch for improvements over the next week or so as I get this figured out. I'll keep you posted about big changes with blog posts and Facebook messages.


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