Tuesday, June 10, 2014

What Goes Into Worship Bags?

Yes, this was posted last year about this time on the Facebook page.  But somehow it did not make it to the blog.  Thanks to the person who asked Sculpey, it will now be here for future reference.

 Last week’s post about worship art seems to have triggered a list of “things that can go into worship bags.” Since we all seem to be thinking about that, let’s see what we can compile together. I’ll get it started including things mentioned last week and watch for you to add to it in the comments here. When the list seems as complete as any such list ever is I’ll post it on http://www.worshipingwithchildren.blogspot.com/ so we can all have it in a useable, shareable form.


Bookmarks for marking hymns and readings – see http://www.worshipingwithchildren.blogspot.com/2012/11/oneway-to-find-thehymn-or-prayer-in.html for one sample

Colored pencils
Black pencils with erasers

Magic slate (erasable writing surface)
Dry Erase Activity Mat – for preschoolers
Something to write on (maybe on a small clipboard)
White Paper (maybe with faint lines for writing)
Construction paper (for coloring or folding)
Black scratch off paper
     Neat idea Lynn Anne Turnage!– all sorts of worship connections
Paper shapes, e.g. butterflies at Easter, hands for discipleship
Blank greeting card & envelope on which to create a message

Stickers – actually these are better distributed during worship as directions are given for their use

Plasticene/ Polymer Clay/ Sculpey (if seats are upholstered)
Small lump of playdough (if seats are not upholstered)
    (Note: In response to the person who raised sanitation
     concerns about this, my hospital infection control friend said
     that she was not too concerned. "If we worry about the clay,
     we also need to worry about everything in the bag and that
     may be too much concern.")

Pipe-cleaners (chenille stems) – in liturgically correct colors?
Clothespin people
      (old fashion clothespins with faces drawn on the knob)
Small soft stuffed animals and people to be “church friends” for
      preschool bags

Small Bible story books
Copy of “Pockets” or other Christian magazine for children
Small photo albums of things in the sanctuary to change seasonally
Puzzles featuring worship words or the theme of the week
Cross word puzzles
Word Searches
Codes to solve
Pencil Mazes
Children’s Worship Bulletins (more on those next week)

Finger labyrinths
Lord’s Prayer Tracing Cross
Krista Lovell, several of us want to hear more about this

Even a piece of hard candy for enjoying during the sermon

Put it all in
      A zip-able plastic bag
      Small canvass sack
      A lap desk (Cheryl Hartman gets hers from Hobby Lobby for $7)
      A flat plastic box (the top serves as writing surface)


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