Wednesday, June 10, 2015

"Take Out Church" Boxes

Some forward - forward email links are pure gold like Take Out Church Boxes.  It is offered as a resource for families who are away from church during the summer and is great for that purpose, but I am pondering providing Take Out Church boxes at times other than summer.  For example,

Could we send them with families that sign up for travel team sports to use through the season.  (In my congregation we’d need quite a few at the beginning of travel soccer seasons :) .) 

Could we provide them for families that travel to ski during the winter months or spend weekends at “cabins” in the fall and spring?

Could we provide seasonal boxes say for Advent or Lent filled with activities that help families observe those seasons at home?

Could we provide a box of resources with which a family could learn and explore a part of worship – maybe the Lord’s Prayer or Apostle’s Creed? 

There are all sorts of possibilities.

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  1. Our church will be using boxes similar to this for new visiting parents whose children are not yet comfortable going into a children's church class, or whose parents opt not to send their children to class due to illness etc.


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