Thursday, July 28, 2011

Year A - Propers 16 - 25 Moses Display

We have ten Sundays of Moses stories starting from August almost through October.  One way to help young worshipers connect all these stories is create a display to which one significant object is added each week.  This could become a children’s sermon series or the objects could be added during the regular sermon or at some other time during worship.  Each week I’ll add suggestions for that week.  For now, an overview is in order.

The background is a large swath of desert beige burlap because Moses spent most of his life in the desert.  It could be draped over a table or up a section of the stairs or over several chairs or stools to give you surfaces at different heights on which to display the objects.  Rather than attempt to arrange the objects in chronological order, I would arrange them in any visually pleasing way.  The goal is for children to connect all the stories to one man, Moses.  I’d also try to place the burning bush candle near the center of the display and where it can be easily lit each week during the series.  It would be wise to plan in advance where each object will be placed. 

The current (it might change as we work through the stories) list of objects I would add is…

Aug 21             a doll baby in a wicker basket
       28             a short pillar candle (the burning bush)
Sept  4             a hiking stick to recall all the plagues or Seder plate to
                        recall Passover
        11            blue streamer or ribbon cut in half and separated to
                        recall the Red Sea
        18            plastic piece of bread and chicken leg from preschool food set for manna
and quail
        25            a thinner blue streamer or ribbon flowing out from under
                        a rock
Oct    2            child-made air-dried clay tablets marked with 10 numbers
          9            plastic cow (from preschool farm set) spray painted
                        metallic gold
        16            nothing new, refer to the burning bush candle to discuss God’ presence
with Moses
        23            a rock to set at the far edge of the burlap recalling Moses death

Creating this display might be an opportunity to draw a person with artistic flair into worship leadership.

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  1. I am thrilled with this display depicting the various parts pf the Moses story. We have a group averaging 23 broadly graded children each week. We gather and then split the group into Pre-K plus K and all elementary kids. This provides visual stimulation all the children can absorb. Super idea!


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