Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Plans for a Lord's Prayer Banner that Children Create During Worship

Melissa Flores-Bixler jumped off some ideas I offered for a series on the Lord's Prayer last summer to create a worship banner featuring a panel about each phrase of the Prayer with the children of her congregation.   Go to A Visual Lord's Prayer to see photographs and details of her plan.
There are several ways I can imagine jumping from her plan to yet more possibilities:
1. Save her article for the summer of 2017 when Year A comes around again and recreate similar banners with the children of your congregation.
2. File her article for Lent of 2016 when Year C texts lend themselves especially well to a similar Lord’s Prayer banner series and adapt the plans for each panel to fit those texts. (See Observing Lent and Easter in Year C.
3. Use her panels as inspiration for a series of art-during-worship panels related to the Old Testament covenants coming in Lent of 2015 (yes, that is this year!). Follow her link to "Pew Projects" for lots of ideas.
4.  Build on her basic idea: offer children art challenges they can create in their seats during worship that can then be turned into banners for the worship area, or bulletin covers, or who knows what else. 
Doing any of these says to children that their presence in worship is valued and invites them to participate fully rather than just endure the hour.

Thank you, Melissa!

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